One minute to a Phone System
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To let you start fast and cheap, OwnPages phone system starts life in the cloud and can then be taken inhouse. It avoids new hardware for extensions or server, or anything that can slow you down or increase startup costs. OwnPages can be your's in under a minute; read up on hosted and inhouse flavors and then take the demo.
On registering for the demo, we boot a hosted phone system pre-configured with the preferences you indicated to us on the registration page. Your startup credit is topped up daily for 5 days for extended testing. Convert the demo to production by making PayPal payments into your demo account. Call within US for free with Google Voice and internationally from USD0.0099/min. See right pane for more detail.
  • Setup with 2 questions
  • Demo with daily credit
  • Hourly hosting
  • Freecalls@GoogleVoice
  • No minimum spend
  • No contract
Should you require an inhouse PBX, OwnPages converts your phone system to one you can run virtualised; with support and instructions on how to do so. You no longer pay us for hourly hosting, and you can even configure your own numbers and minutes onto OwnPages. We offer free support via forums and paid telephonic support. See right pane for details and then take a demo to test.
  • PBX virtualised inhouse
  • No rent or licence fee
  • Scale to 100's of users
  • Call rates < US1c/min
  • Zero install FlashPhone
  • Remote support/install


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Customisable default welcome message
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Login with prefix 101 to become receptionist
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Multiple extensions assigned to a user ring simultaneously
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Login to an extension to make it ring simultaneously with your own.
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Directory. Dial first 3 characters of name to get extension
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Console with call detail records to monitor use
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Wifi and SIP enabled mobile phones as roaming extensions
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Browser console with click to dial, click to transfer, click to record etc. No more remembering dial codes!
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Limitless options in advanced setup
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Cloud voicemail lets you power down OwnPages and yet have voicemail. Save on hourly hosting.
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Numbers from your locality or international numbers from 50,000 cities in 50 countries. Toll free numbers from 20 countries
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Skype users can call you for free!
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Google voice integration. Call within USA for free!
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Return call feature gives you worldwide presence by allowing those you call to save on International call costs while returning calls.
"I was surprised by how easy it is to use your service"

Amy Grant


Maintenance free Email Systems
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OwnMail is a mail system for mid-sized business, branch offices and ISPs. It eliminates the need to subscribe to public IP addresses and leased lines to setup full fledged mail servers on your network. It is maintenance-free, suitable for multilocation and shared computer setups. Its compressed delivery capabilities gives you huge cost savings. Comes in hosted and inhouse flavors.
On registering for the demo, we boot a hosted email system pre-configured with the domain you indicated to us on the registration page. Your startup credit is topped up daily for 5 days for extended testing. Convert the demo to production by making PayPal payments into your demo account. You pay USD1/GB of bandwidth used or monthly offsite disk space consumed. See right pane for more detail.
  • Full browser interface
  • Huge mailboxes
  • Use as spam gateway
  • Use as virus gateway
  • Use as SMTP gateway
  • Offsite archiving
Should you require an inhouse mail system, OwnMail converts your email system to one you can run virtualised; with support and instructions on how to do so. You no longer pay us for hourly hosting, but you can still opt for the gateway service for spam/virus cleaning, private IP support, compressed mail delivery, off site archiving and POP proxy. See right pane for details and then take a demo to test.
  • Virtualised Server
  • SMTP on ADSL links
  • Anti-spam/virus,
  • Mail compression
  • Offsite archiving
  • No setup fee or rent


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Browser based email
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Pop access
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Personal message filters
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Personal signature
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Download from other POP accounts
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Message search
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Address book in compose
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Delivery receipts / read receipts
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Message forward
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Automatic save of sent messages
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Reminders via email
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Can be used from office, home or on the road, no need for a laptop
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Can be used from shared computers

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Unlimited number of mailboxes of between 200 - 1,500MB. Default 200MB
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Powerful Anti-virus, Anti-spam
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Fine grained delegation of administrative functions - suitable for large organisations
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Global signature or message / Sign-up message
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Web site email is completely customisable
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Message archiving
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Postmaster facility
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Message tracking system
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All features available via web browser, no need to load any software
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Global message filters
"Your service is really hassle-free, and it never goes down"

Uday Seth

Power Dialer

Up in a minute. No setup fee
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OwnPages comes with Vicidial dialer to handle telephony for your contact centre and Vtiger CRM to handle your relationships. An instant lead service updates your campaigns in real time. OwnMail's Structured Messaging improves email communication and our bespoke customizations complete the solution. Comes in 3 flavors, click on tabs on left for details.
A Power Dialer is a telephone dialing system that automatically dials telephone numbers to allow calls to be placed in rapid succession. It has ability for an agent to call clients in succession from a database through a web-client and transfer calls with customer data to a closer/verifier. Power Dialer is also referred to as Progressive Dialer because it places one call after another. The term Power Dialer often covers a wide range of dialing systems and will mean different things to different people. It will send a dropped call to a voicemail box per campaign if no agent is available. Automatically dial unlimited numbers per customer until you get an answer and also in power dialer schedule a callback with a customer as either any-agent or agent-specific.
  • Just $0.5/hour
  • US/Can/UK-F included
  • 3 simultaneous lines
  • VoIP or copper
  • No minimum spend
  • No contract/setup fee
The single user dialer or the trial can be converted to a multi user dialer with all your settings intact. You get upto 6 lines per agent. You pay 10c/hour per user, in groups of 10. Telephony costs are excluded; they start at USD0.0099/min for calling and USD3.99/month for incoming numbers. See right pane for details of the dialer and then take the free trial to test.
  • $1/hour for 10 agents
  • Call rates < US1c/min
  • Numbers @ $3.99/mth
  • No minimum spend
  • No contract/setup fee
  • Staffing/admin service
OwnPages lets you bring your hosted dialer inhouse, with the same interface as the hosted system! You pay just for telephony costs - no licence fee or rent. And if you use local PSTN, then the dialer is completely free! Telephonic support continues as a paid option, along with remote administration and maintenance. Do remember that inhouse dialers require more bandwidth and trained technical staff.
  • No rent or licence fee
  • Scale to 100's of users
  • Integrate onsite CRM
  • Integrate onsite PSTN
  • Remote/Phone support
  • Remote installation


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Based on Vicidial®, the world's leading dialer
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Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling
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Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialing
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Full USA FTC-compliance capability
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Browser based agent and administrative interfaces
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Ability to have agents operate remotely
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Full call recording
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Three-Way calling within the agent application
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Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone
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Vtiger CRM integration
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CRM: Sales Force Automation
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CRM: Customer Support & Service
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CRM: Marketing Automation
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CRM: Inventory Management
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Structured Messaging
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Instant alerts for Internet leads by email and sms and live insert as lead into dialer
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Choice of phone line based (aka analog aka PSTN aka copper) or VoIP (aka SIP) based
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No monthly minimums or contracts
"One of the things that has impressed us more than when we have used other dialers is your tech support is always available if we encounter issues and your willingness to work with our group... we are quite happy with the system, in terms of cost, ease of use and again support."

Steve Ball

Affiliate Schemes
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Single User Dialer
Power Dialer for 50c per hour
OwnPages brings you hosted communication systems that can be taken inhouse. This gives you the fast and cheap start of hosted with the scalability, customizability and security of inhouse systems.