OwnPages downloads


Realtime GUI for Asterisk® with simple wizard to get you going. Full featured.
2. OwnMail
Mail server that works with dynamic IPs. Full featured.
3. FlashPhone
Make your browser your PBX extension, wifi enabled mobile phones also supported.
4. OwnPages
All of the above in one virtualized download, use what you need. Zero cost.

 Take demo

RAGU + OwnMail + FlashPhone = OwnPages

OwnPages runs virtualized on VirtualBox or VMPlayer, both of which are available as free downloads. Follow instructions below to install VirtualBox and OwnPages.

Install VirtualBox

  1. Download and install VirtualBox from here.
  2. In VirtualBox preferences-->general, set folder for harddisk and machine to where you intend to download OwnPages.

Install OwnPages

  1. To install on Windows, download OwnPages.exe into the folder selected above and run it.
  2. This will extract and install OwnPages as a virtual machine. Before running select correct ethernet card in VirtualBox if you have more than one.
  3. Start the virtual-machine
  4. After the virtual-machine boots run the setup wizard http://ownpages/setup.html to configure your OwnPages
  5. Create users and extensions to start using OwnPages
  6. OwnPages starts with a splash screen of instructions for use.
  7. There are many options to run OwnPages as a windows service, listed in order of increasing complexity and functionality: SRVANY, NT WRAPPER, SRVSTART and VBoxVMService. Pros and Cons of each are explained here.

System requirements for inhouse virtualization

  • Following is recommended for inhouse virtualization for upto 50users:
  • A relatively new multi-core processor (so as to have vt extensions).
  • 2GB ram. OwnPages server uses 512MB itself.
  • Fast hard disks.
  • Server may be used for other light tasks.
  • Compatible browsers: Firefox 2+, Safari 4+, Chrome, IE6+